Lake Garda

SeasonMarch, April, May, June, July, August, September, October

At Lake Garda in the north of Italy the wind conditions are unique . In the course of the day you can experience 2 winds from opposing directions. Nature is really kind to often allow a 2-3 hour lunch break between changing the wind direction.


The Pelèr is a strong and rough wind coming in from the north during the early morning hours. There is no better way to start your day than waking up to kitesurf these wavy conditions.


The Ora is a smooth wind coming in from the south after lunch break from the south. Compared to the Pelèr wind it is usually a bit lighter but less gusty. It allows kiters to have unforgettable sunset sessions.

Kite Spot: Castelletto di Brenzone sul Garda

Spot description

Castelletto is a small cosy village on the east shore. In contrast to Campione there is no dedicated kite entrance on this side of lake Garda. Like many other villages in this area it is home to many kite schools. Besides offering lessons the schools offer a shuttle service to bring kiters to the middle of the lake.

For this purpose the appropriate kites are already connected to the bar at the schools. If you got less bars then potential kites to be used, choose wisely which kites you want to prepare for the upcoming session. Also equipment like wet suit and harness are already put on before entering the boat / ponton.


Compared to other spots, using the shuttle service of a school brings you in the middle of the action. Kites will be pumped up on the taxi boat. It is common to launch the kite from the boat with the kiter steering it upwards from inside the water or by performing a drift launch while still being on the boat.

After the session is over the schools pick up the swimming kiters and their floating kites. The way back to the shore can be used to exchange experiences made during the sessions.




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