Punta Trettu

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Punta Trettu is a famous kite spot in the south of Sardinia, Italy. Its unique headland shape and shallow water makes it attractive for many beginners taking lessons at kite schools but also for advanced kiters to enjoy the lagoon.

Kite Spot: Punta Trettu

Spot description

The distinguishing shape of Punta Trettu is the first thing to notice when describing this spot. Its characteristic spiky looking headland offers a starting and landing area with a few trees at the tip.

The most common wind ist the “Mistral” from north-west witch due to thermal and morphological conditions is 5 – 10 knots stronger than predicted by the forecasts. The “Scirocco” wind is comming from the opposite south-east direction and offers sessions in constant conditions.

It is good practice to make use of the shallow conditions to maintain enough distance from the trees, to allow for safe launches and landings of the kite. Also be vigilant where to place your kite, because the tide can make parts of the sand bench disappear.

It is possible to kite on both sides of the water separated by the land. However, to allow a smooth session for every skill level the kite spot is separated in different areas, wich are clearly described in this guide from Kite Village Sardegna.


The spot can be reached by the Via Punta Trettu, which is a small narrow road towards the west of the island. This street turns into gravel and offers areas to park close by. Check for the need of park tickets or a parking meter. From there it is about 10 minutes walking to the launching and landing area.




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